Kai Neolani and John Jonas

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Description: What kind of stepbrother would I be if I didn't come to the aid of my stepbrother and best friend? John called me over to his house after he got back into town. He had a rough weekend and needed a little love. So I went over, and we started kissing on the bed. I knew he could use more than a massage, but it was a nice place to start. I moved around his face until my mouth was on his chest. I then removed his shorts and rubbed his legs. I put a few of his toes in my mouth because I know he likes that kind of kinky shit. I then removed his undies and ate his pretty pink furry hole, but I wasn't done playing with it. I sucked his cock and then stroked it while I fingered his hole. It didn't take long before he was cumming as his ass gripped my finger. So glad I could help.
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