Rimi Morty and Tony Keit - Hot As Balls

Southern Strokes
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Description: How do you get your crush to fuck you? Well, I invited Rimi over to my house after soccer practice. It was hot as balls, and we just had to get inside. This was my chance to get him inside of me as well. As we sat on the couch, I could see he was getting hard, so I reached for it and asked if he was horny. He said yes, and as soon as he did, my mouth was on his dick. I'd waited for so long, and I was ready. He sucked my cock a little before I went back for more. Then he ate my ass before slipping his meat into my tight hole and fucking the virgin out of me. It felt so good that I forgot all about the pain. His cock was just the right fit. We fucked on the couch until he put me on my back, and I pumped out a load while he drilled my ass. He shot at my chest. So hot.
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