Conor and Harry

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Description: I thought I had the day all to myself, but I never turn away a client in need. So when Harry came through my door looking for a massage, I knew I was the only one who could work his muscles the right way. And I know you know what I mean. Harry came in and got undressed. His body was the type that makes other boys cream their pants, and I was close myself. I started on his back and then quickly made my way down his body until I found my hands grabbing and groping his beautiful, young ass. I continued his backside while poking around at his tight hole. I wondered what my dick would feel like deep inside of him, but I knew that wasn't what he needed. Instead, I lifted his hips and stroked his cock while just teasing his pucker. I then flipped him over, rubbed his chest, and then his cock. I felt his meat pulsate as he shot in my hand. Just what he needed.
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