I Need My Daddy

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Description: Nothing makes a sick boy feel better than a hug from Daddy. Well, maybe one thing. My stepson, Danny, wasn't feeling well when I went into his room. I knew I had to make him feel better. I brought him close to me and rocked him in my arms. That was all he needed to start to feel better. But Daddy knows best, and I pulled out my dick to see how good he felt. If his mouth was any indication, I knew he was feeling much better. I took his dick into my mouth to take his temperature, a trick I learned along the way, but it still wasn't enough. I had to get deeper inside to his core temperature. I rolled him on his side and slowly filled his little hole with my big dick. I fucked his ass on his bed until we both shot our loads. Good thing he has a daddy like me, and I have a boy like him.
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