Flip Fuck Friends

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Description: Nathan is so hot for Joshua he can't resist taking his hands and presses him against the wall. They kiss, grinding their crotches against each other. Nathan slides his hands up under Joshua's shirt caressing his smooth hairless chest.nnMaking sure no one is around, Nathan reaches down the front of Joshua's pants and strokes the stiffening tool inside! Emboldened, and horny, they don't care that they are out in public and unzip their flies and pull out their manhoods out of their pants. Nathan looks around again to make sure the coast is clear before kneeling on the ground and going down on Joshua's juicy uncut cock!nnReady to get fucked, Nathan suggests they head to his place. They start to strip and Joshua sucks Nathan's hard red dick. Joshua gives Nathan's cock a full work over, running his tongue from his balls to the tip. Nathan rolls over and gets on his hands and knees offering up his hungry ass. Joshua takes Nathan up on the offer, stuffing his cock in Nathan's fuck hole.nnNathan's dick is at full staff as he sits on Joshua's lap, riding Joshua's beef stick. The kiss as they fuck, devouring each other's tongues as they breed! Nathan shoots first, spilling his seed all over his chest. Joshua guides Nathan's head to his crotch and Nathan slurps the cock that just fucked him down his throat. Still hard and still horny, Nathan climbs up along side Joshua and moves in to fuck! Joshua is ready and Nathan's pole slides inside Joshua with ease. Nathan pounds Joshua's ass hard. Nathan pulls out just in time to bend down and take Joshua's cum load in his mouth!
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