Darin Boswell - Jacob Dolce 2

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Description: Jacob Dolce and Darin Boswell are enjoying a little romantic stroll along the river when the temperature starts to drop. Perhaps that's just the excuse Darin offers to get his boyfriend back to the hotel, although we don't think it's likely that any excuses are needed for these two sexy twinks to enjoy some BoyFun together. Their eagerness is obvious when they get back to the room and immediately decide to warm up with some sexy smooches, which inevitably leads to their shirts slipping off, quickly followed by pants. It's easy to see how these two became lovers. They're so cute together, a couple of slim and horny boys with delicious dicks that are always ready for some fun. In seconds Jacob's pink youthful boner is between his boyfriend's lips and Darin is sucking the precum out of him, but it's a tasty treat the boy is eager to trade the moment he gets the opportunity to slip his own wet mouth down on his pal's veiny inches. With Darin's impressive uncut cock glistening with spit and precum no lube is needed for him to slide into his boy's tight little hole. Jacob bends over and offers his perfect rump, enjoying the sensation as his friend eases his bareback cock deep inside. A little thrusting on his back and the boy is ready to take some control, easing his bareback pucker down on his pal's long dick while he strokes himself and gets the first splashing load of hot young cream pumping from his gorgeous erection. Darin loves the sight of his boy spitting that fresh splooge from his tip, in moments he's ready to deliver his own, wanking off over Jacob's cute face and dousing him with a series of big spurts as his semen gushes from his rampant rod in a glorious end to their afternoon romp. It doesn't matter how chilly it might be outside, these boys know how to keep each other warm.
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