Blake Slater - Straight As The Come!

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Description: This handsome little devil wants everyone to know that he’s 100% straight. "I need the money and that’s the only reason I’m doing this but I’m not doing anything gay!" Wouldn’t dream of it…He pulls his thick uncut cock out of his pants and shows it off as he looks down at the camera with his pouty lips and crystal blue eyes. Hesitant as he works up the courage to jack off for a bunch of gay guys! He pulls up his legs and shows off his virgin asshole before hosing himself down with a huge load of piping hot straight jizz. He swirls that mess around on his smooth chest and belly and for a second you’d swear he was going to take a taste… But no, eating cum would be too gay. Letting a bunch of dudes jack off while looking at your asshole? Not gay at all!
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