Ash Logan - The Bare Necessities!

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Duration: 3:00 Views: 2 987 Submitted: 1 year ago
Description: This twinky little wildling has everything he needs to get along in life. Long hair, cute little body, big dick. Dildo… You know, everything he needs!Ash gropes at his rock hard cock inside his pants before stripping down and showing off his rigid member. Holding it up for the camera’s inspection as he slowly strokes the shaft and sends shivers through his body. He pulls his legs up and fucks himself with two fingers before reaching for a dildo and cramming that up inside his asshole. Fucking that toy in and out of his but then sliding it out to show off his bright red asshole. Teasing his hole until he can’t take it anymore and has to nut. He pops the dildo out of his ass and shoots a thick load of cum all over its slippery shaft then slides the whole thing back inside his butt. Enjoying the feeling of his own seed deep inside his ass. Waste not want not!
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