Early Bloomers

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Description: It's the story of a fairytale romance, set in a real-life garden of color and heavenly aroma. That and a lot of horsing around! Elliot Vance and his new boyfriend, Shawn Allen, have unexpectedly stopped by the Next Door Garden for a little fun. This is what happens when they're given permission to frolic and play tag around the beautiful flower bushes. Elliot is a ham for the camera, so we started shooting and let the good times roll! Shawn likes to tease his man with little tricks and games. In the garden, he won't stop picking flowers and throwing them at Elliot! This gets Elliot to chase him around, finally catching him and planting deep passionate smooches. Once the boys are tired of goofing off outside, they retreat to a chill-out space in the main house. Things really heat up when Shawn pulls out Elliot's fat cock for some sucking. Elliot has a nice taste of Shawn's swollen dick, and follows it up with some sensuous rimming. Join them as this foreplay leads to some hard but romantic fucking. There's nothing like young, blossoming love! Enjoy!
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