Manabu's Back for More Fuji

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Description: There's a little surprise return for Japanboyz, and it's pale, good-looking Asian stud Manabu. He took a breather for two years to take charge of his new baby, but now he's back to hook up with former scene buddy Fuji. Japanboyz superstar Fuji welcomes his old friend by pulling down his shorts and running his tongue gently across Manabu's cock and tightly packed nuts. Manabu closes his eyes and lets his body quiver with excitement. When Fuji lets his tongue wander down to Manabu's fuzzy butthole, he enjoys a thrill we're sure he never gets from his girlfriend at home. The returning model gets on his knees and takes Fuji's big hard cock down his throat.rnrnManabu lies back on the bed as Fuji lubes up a finger and begins sliding deep into his buddy's hole. He rolls on a condom and slathers his cock with a lot of lube. Manabu's been off the market for a while and needs some warming up. But as soon as that dick slides in his legs open wide and he starts breathing slow and deep. He reaches down to stroke his own prick as he feels Fuji plowing in. He climbs on and rides Fuji as he feels the sexual heat rising. When Fuji mounts him from behind, things get serious fast. They separate just long enough for Manabu to shoot a hefty splash of sperm across his furry pubes. He twiddles Fuji's nips as Fuji fires off a volley of sticky cum for his returning friend.
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