Robbie Dane and Alex Law - A Load Off

Southern Strokes
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Description: Do you remember your first time with your boyfriend? Robbie and Alex had their first sleepover as boyfriends, but they promised each other no sex. That is until Alex woke up the next morning and started playing with Robbie's morning wood. There was no stopping him as Alex put his mouth right on it as soon as he pulled it out. Robbie watched as his new boyfriend sucked on his cock. Alex then got on his back so Robbie could do his own taste test by stuffing Alex's cock down his throat. Alex loves getting his dick sucked but was more interested in getting his ass fucked. So he turned on his side as Robbie got behind him, and in one go, thrust his dick inside his boy and begins pounding away. Alex takes every inch and loves it. He then flips on his knees so Robbie can get in deeper. They are both enjoying their first time together. Soon Alex finds himself on his back, being fucked hard until Robbie pulls out and pours his hot load all over Alex's chest. Alex then jerks his cum onto his belly.
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Models: alex law
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