You Kept Daddy Waiting

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Description: Sometimes a boy has to be taught a lesson. The first thing you learn once you are in training to be a good boy is to never keep daddy waiting, under no circumstances. And if you do, then prepare for the consequences. But Issac isn't prepared to find himself over John's knees getting spanked for being late, but he knows he's done wrong and now has to find a way to make up for it. So he attempts to, the best way he knows how. Isaac begins unzipping John's pants after getting off his lap. *He then takes his daddy's dick in his mouth, to the base of his shaft and back. John loves his boy trying to make up to him, but has better ways of doing it. He sucks on his boy's cock before bending him over the edge of the bed and sticking his dick up his smooth hole. Issac loves his stepdad filling his asshole with grown man cock. Issac loudly moans as he gets plowed. That turns John on more as he fucks him, all over the bed, until Isaac is on his back, cumming all over himself with John inside of him. John then shoots his seed on Isaac's cock.
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