Flipping Twinks

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Description: Jimmy Andrews leads tall drink of water, Jace Myers up to his room, where the pretty pair get right down to business! The thin hipped, tight bodied hotties hit lips hard before Andrews pounces on the pretty boy, straddling him on top of his bed. The guys strip one another down, and Andrews winds up on his knees. He unzips the golden god’s groin, then pulls at his meat filled, maroon briefs. The drawers come down, and that demon dick flops out. Jimmy gives the giant jock the worshiping it deserves, throating as much of the pole as possible, and tickling the bust filled balls with his feisty tongue. He reaches up, kisses Jace, then starts to unpack his own piece. Jace sneers with passion and growls “lemme suck that dick.” Andrews straddles his face, filling it with cock. Next, Jace grabs the tight twink by the hips and inhales the enormous appendage, as Andrews works his hole up for Myers meat. He spits on his hand, spreads his checks, then eases the big beast inside. His ass checks clench and tighten in an attempt to inhale every bit of bone he can. Then, our boy gets to bouncing. He works that ass overtime before ordering Jace onto his knees for an incredibly erotic ass eating. Myers huge cock points down, and Andrews strokes it while burying his face deep in that fuck hole. Then, he gives Myers the medicine. He bangs the breaks off with Jace face down-ass up! Missing Myers dick, Andrews asks for more fuck, and Jace is happy to oblige. He smashes ass till both porn star sized pieces cover Jimmy with giant amounts of jizz! The oozy treat pearls over Andrews’ eight pack, glazing the beautiful boy with a fuck well spent.
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