Brotherhood of Games - Ch. 4 The Night Party

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Description: We know that El Maestre is very mysterious: he wears a mask and a black cape, hides himself, and likes to play. And now, the mystery is revealed. The Maestre appears in the middle of the night in front of Jack and Felix, who are spooning in bed. It is time to put them to the test. The Master wakes them up with a new game, a competition to see who can give him the most pleasure. The guys put the huge member in their mouth at the same time, they are desperate to suck it, it really takes two mouths to give it pleasure. One deals with the testicles and the other with the shaft and head. The boys really enjoy this game and it shows. The Master has them under his spell and does not reveal his identity, he leaves his mask on. When the situation gets to the brink, Jack indulges in some pleasure in the ass. The Master makes them penetrate each other, the boys moan with pleasure. It is the game of their lives. Who will win? Then it will be El Maestre's turn to penetrate and he will do so with his giant penis. It will not leave the boys with the desire, on the contrary, the competition will be very satisfactory for everyone. Who will take the semen? Who will have their orgasm first? It is a close competition where the one who feels the most pleasure wins. Without a doubt, they will also make you want to play with them. Join "The Night Party". Also, in the next episode of "Brotherhood of Games" The Master will finally meet Sonny Davon. Can the boy compete with the overwhelming sexual force of the masked man? You just have to watch the next chapter to find out.
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