Jack Flynn - Jacob Dolce 2

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Description: Cute Jacob Dolce always seems to be minding his own business and reading a book when horny opportunities present themselves. Then again, this sexy young guy could probably just attract endless BoyFun just by looking the way he does at any time of the day or night. Fit boy Jack Flynn isn't exactly subtle about his intentions when arrives on the couch with a dilemma, seeking his roommate's help in deciding which colourful underwear looks better. The sight of his bare ass and his long cock and balls hanging while he gets changed right in front of him sends Jacob the right message and soon enough some assless undies are enticing him into action. Their lips are soon exploring, while clothes come off and the boys reveal more of themselves. The smooth duo are seemingly ravenous for those hard and damp young erections while they suck and lick each other, each pleasuring their friend with eager mouths until their need for even more pleasure leads them to the comfort of the bedroom. Once there the boys' passion grows, with gorgeous Jacob easing his naked cock between those cheeks and pushing inside, filling young Jack with his bareback meat and thrusting up into him. This might seem like enough to take any horny young guy to the limits of pleasure, but Jacob is just as eager for the same excitement and with a little licking of his hole he's soon the one having his tender little hole plundered. It's no wonder the boys are splashing so much semen from their dicks by the time they're done, with such teasing and foreplay before their bareback flip fuck it was inevitable.
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