Tony Milak - Antony Carter 2

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Description: Slim twink Tony Milak arrives at just the right time, catching handsome friend Antony Carter watching some porn on his phone and groping the shape of his big uncut boner in his shorts. He clearly didn't get the memo about never wearing headphones to watch porn when there's a chance someone might catch you, but then again if he had he probably wouldn't have ended up like this, sharing some awesome afternoon BoyFun with his buddy. He doesn't need a whole lot of convincing, with his erection straining for release he's soon making out with his friend, his cock throbbing in Tony's hand while he wanks it, their clothes quickly coming off for some proper skin-on-skin action. The handsome lad might have been expecting to simply stroke himself to relief but with his buddy's wet mouth sucking and slurping on his deliciously drooling dong he's more than willing to offer the same in return. After thrusting his length in and out of that very greedy mouth he gets a good taste of Tony's juicy tool before his pal's tongue takes another turn, this time in his perfect ass. Tony laps between those gorgeous pink mounds and gets his friend almost begging for that naked shaft inside him, something his slim friend is more than capable of offering. Watch as the two thrust and grind on the couch, Antony's amazing rump savoring every pump of that bareback shaft inside him while his own rigid cock bounces with delight. His cock is so hard, his hand working overtime to make that load splash. Even when he's flung his cream out all over his dick won't quit, he's still rigid as he slides down on his buddy to ride that meat some more, finally taking the showering eruption of cream all over his chest and abs. He probably won't mind being caught watching porn next time.
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