Florian Mraz and Benny Walsh

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Description: Florian Mraz has quickly become a favorite at Twinks in Shorts. Not only is he cute, he's got a fat uncut cock that will make your butthole pucker! But as he stands in the doorway of Benny Walsh's bedroom, he's downright HAWT! Hotter still is Benny, the twink Florian walks in on and starts to massage. Florian, who wants to keep any action between him and Benny a secret, gets his hands slippery with oil, kneading Benny's tender flesh. He quickly pulls off Benny's sexy red undies and presses his crotch against his ass. Then Florian whips his cock out and rubs the uncut beauty up and down the young twink's crack. What follows is a slow and steady jerk-off session, with Florian working both his and Benny's meaty, uncut slabs. And after closing the bedroom door, Florian progresses to a mouth watering oral session, sucking Benny's big twink cock before offering up his own for the sexy blond to service. Florian then slides his meaty cock inside Benny's hot and willing hole, popping the twink's cherry and bareback fucking the cum out of him before blowing his own seed all over the spent hottie.
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