Marc Rushmore, Nick Vargas and Edy Reed

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Description: Cute, sweet and adorable twink Edy Reed is ready to have his smooth body worked over by dark-haired hunk hotties Marc Rushmore and Nick Vargas. As Marc and Nick get their hands all slippery with oil, lithe and slender Edy enjoys two sets of hands kneading the muscles in his back and giving him a nice glute massage. But the hunks are enjoying themselves as well! And they let us know under no uncertain terms, as they look into the camera, don’t you wish YOU had your hands on this? Hell, yes! Marc and Nick waste little time in spreading Edy’s cute little ass open, playing with that lovely pink starburst and teasing the tender opening. When they flip Edy over, Marc and Nick massage the hung twink’s nipples, play with his balls, and massage his cock, stroking and edging and milking him. The massage turns into an almost excruciating form of sexual torment as they almost but never quite suck his cock as they continue to speed up, getting Edy close, then slow down refusing that release until the very last minute, after Nick, wearing a sexy thong, rubs himself all over the twink’s naked and oily body. Edy, no longer able to take the torment unleashes a big load of jizz all over himself. Trust us when we say, this is an exquisite way to cum, at the mercy of two hot hunks!
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