Sam Brooks - A Collection

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Description: What makes a good cock slut? Ask anyone who enjoys porn and the answers will vary but to us, a good cock slut is young and cute, sweet and adorable in a nerdy sort of way, a twink who doesn’t know he’s attractive to others. A good cock slut is also a complete whore once he discovers he likes being in the company of other young men, preferably naked, doing wonderful things to each other like kissing, sucking, licking, rimming, fucking. And always touching. Throw in a look of innocence with a slim, trim body and a H-U-G-E penis, and there you have what WE consider to be the perfect cock slut. There’s no better example of a cock slut than Sam Brooks. This twink has it all, a certain naive adorableness, youth, the perfect body, an insatiable ass and, you guessed it, a really big cock. And, oh how Sam loves sex! Skin-to-skin, the way nature intended. Here now is a compilation— or what we like to call the Sam Brooks Collection — with Sam and his fuck buddies, Simon Clay, Billy Webster, Carl Baxter and Ronny Howard. All equally hung and horny lovers who like to end things with sticky loads of splattering jizz.
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