Jason Smith and Wes Ford

Twinks In Shorts
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Description: Clad in a black top, baseball cap and sexy briefs, Jason Smith is playing on his phone when Wes Ford walks in. The smooth, slender blond asks for a massage and Jason immediately starts feeling up the twink with the cocky bravado of a lion on the hunt. For a moment it seems Wes isn’t sure about what Jason’s doing but it feels too good for him to complain. Then again, we highly doubt anyone would complain with such a handsome, dark-haired hunk touching and moving them around like his personal rag doll. Jason gets his hands slippery with oil and digs deeper, getting the twink all slick and shiny. Jason kneads Wes up and down. There isn’t a spot on his body Jason doesn’t work over! Then Jason flips Wes onto his back and focuses on his sweet, hairy little ass and milking his cock. Wes sighs as Jason plays with his balls and jerks him off, milking him until he blows his load then sends the horny twink on his way.
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