Paul Fresh and Pat Miller

Twinks In Shorts
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Description: Tattooed muscle hunk Paul Fresh takes a breather on his own massage table until Pat Miller walks in. Ever ready, Paul is on his feet, oil in hand. He glides his slippery hands all over Paul, working out the kinks in the twink's back and shoulders. But Pat is carrying his stress in the waist, hips, and ass so it’s important for Paul to slip Pat’s boxers down, revealing a deliciously hairy and perfectly round ass! It’s apparently the type of ass that gets the masseuse going because he lingers quite a bit on the meaty globes, kneading and spreading them apart before exposing the delectable morsel that is Pat’s hole. After all but shoving his face in the slick crevice, Paul has Pat turn over, shoving off a juicy, fat and uncut cock! Paul digs in deep as he massages the twink's pectoral muscles then climbs on the table to suck Pat’s thick tool while his own curved beauty is firmly entrenched down the twink's throat. After a hot 69 session, with his client on all fours and still slippery with oil, Paul works a dildo up inside Pat’s hungry hole, only to replace it moments later with his own throbbing member. Paul slides in deep and easy, giving Pat what he needs…a full anal bareback massage using his cock!
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