Danny Chris and Joe Star

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Description: Beefy muscle hunk Danny Chris promised his twink roommate a massage in return for a favor. Joe Star fulfilled his part of the bargain and now he's ready to cash in. Danny is all too ready to oblige his slender tattooed friend. He sets to work immediately, getting his hands slippery with oil and massage Joe's sore muscles. For better access to his back, Danny positions himself with meaty thighs spread on either side of Joe's head. In this position, Danny is able to provide deep pressure and he's not hesitant to apply his strength, especially as he works his hands down Joe's spine, pulling off his shorts as he goes. Resting his entire weight on the twink, the big and beefy muscle hunk sensually massages Joe's feet and toes while Joe simply smiles to himself, eyes closed, clearly enjoying the sensation of being pinned down to Danny's bed. Completely naked, Joe lets Danny manipulate him and move him around like a rag doll as the dark muscled hunk proceeds to give Joe a handjob. Joe is soon locked in Danny's big powerful arms, the two of them stroking each other, quietly milking big thick uncut shafts, with Danny getting a juicy load out of twink Joe.
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