Jason Smith and Steve Hard

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Description: Standing out on the patio, having a smoke, we get to see just how handsome and sexy Jason Smith truly is. With classic chiseled features and amazing body, he might have been carved out of marble by Michelangelo, but he’s all human, all real, and very warm. Just ask Steve Hard, another handsome hunk who visits Jason for a massage. Jason, clad in a black tank and a pair of orange, horny jockstrap type underwear8, gets to work. He wastes little time in pouring oil into his hands, getting them slippery with oil. He then proceeds to work the entire length of Steve’s luscious body, kneading his legs and glutes in a way that will have your mouth watering. It certainly has Steve moaning! When Jason removes Steve’s little white shorts and you get to see just how meaty Steve’s hairy ass is, you’ll be drooling! But you’ll truly be salivating when you Steve is flipped over, on his back. Jason plays with Steve’s balls and strokes that beautiful cock. Unable to resist, he lays down on top of Steve, grinding into him. After a while the two young men, not quite twinks but definitely ALL hunk, trade places. Steve gets his hands slippery with oil and feels up Jason’s amazing body, eventually getting to that beautiful, incredibly large, deliciously fat hose of an uncut cock. The two sexy young men flip once more, each playing with the other, then jerking themselves off, big balls bouncing and full of jizz. Steve pumps out a nice, slow load and Jason coats Steve’s belly with thick ropes of cum, ending their massage/handjob session with a sweet kiss.
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