Baptiste Revenge - Baptiste Garcia,Chris Loan

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Description: Baptiste Garcia spent an evening with his boyfriend Chris Loan. The atmosphere is romantic and quickly becomes hot between the two boys who start to kiss, caress and to suck each other... Baptiste suddenly discovers a bow-tie forgotten by Abel under a pillow and he immediately understands that it doesbelong to Chris! Baptiste gets angry, sure that his boyfriend cheated on him. He jumps on him and throws him to the ground. Chris tries to justify himself without success and it is certain that he will have to give his ass to Baptiste right now if he wants to be forgiven for his infidelity. Baptiste as a dominant top returns Chris on his back and spits in his ass before licking it, fingering it and then penetrating this tight hole wildly. Chris grits his teeth and moaned loudly during Baptiste is pounding deeply and will all his energy his ass. Chris tries to break free from this uncomfortable position by pushing Baptiste, but the young twink is determined to continue to fuck his boyfriend and renewed the assault with even more power. The intensity is at its maximum. Chris is exhausted and screaming by taking the last blows from his cock. Baptiste is close to cum and will unload his hot sperm on Chris’s face just before this one throws in turn on his partner to squirt him in the face thoroughly.
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