Young wanker fucked as a toy - Chris Loan,Loic Miller

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Description: The young Loïc Miller took the opportunity to be alone at home to test out several sex toys and jack off in the living room (see the scene "The Toys of Loic") but Chris Loan comes home earlier than expected and surprises the twink naked on the sofa, his cock still erect and full of sperm! Loïc is embarrassed by getting caught red-handed but Chris who’s very excited by the situation begins to kiss him. Even if he had cum a few minutes before, Loïc is still hot and cannot resist to the big cock of Chris standing in front of his mouth. The twink swallows, licks and sucks Chris’ cock and balls moaning. The stallion then returns Loïc to play with his tight little hole. Chris eats out Loïc’s ass, plays, spreads, fingers and the teases it while the teenager is crying with pleasure squirming. Loïc’s anus is now dilated and ready to get penetrated. Chris will smash the boy for long time and giving all his power. Loïc obviously loves getting fucked brutally and begging for more screaming louder. Chris grabs Loïc and then raises him as a sex toy to impale him on his hard dick. The young bottom moves his tight ass and is literally bouncing on the cock of Chris going in and out more and deeper. Chris concludes by squirting several several thick cum shots on Loïc’s baby face and the twink bursts in turn while Chris is wanking him with his expert hand.
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