Enzo's Anal Initiation - Enzo Lemercier

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Description: It's soon summer holidays, but before that is the latest revisions for Enzo Lemercier. This twink is really fed up with math and when he found a condom in his school pencil case his mind definitely turns away from his books. Enzo needs a break and he laughs at his own clownery, before putting a hand in his boxer. The twink begins to touch his cock and a nice bump is drawing in his underwear. He then undresses totally and flops into the couch to jack off. Enzo who’s usually totally top will do the strange discovery of his ass and tries anal pleasure for the very first time. He tickles his little hole with a finger while grimacing and moaning. The excitement rises and he grabs a fluorescent marker that he sinks into his anus. It’s not without pain that the wide pen penetrates his virgin ass. Despite a slight pain, the blonde yields to the curiosity of this new pleasure and continues to play. He then finds in his school bag a toothbrush and he decides to make it a new sextoy. The thinner and longer object brings him other sensations that he really seems to enjoy. His hole expands gradually and the pleasure begins to gain on pain. Enzo then reminds that one of his sex friend forgot a dildo at his place. The anal experience of the young beginner then takes a more serious turn and he will end his anal initiation with this big caliber before to cum profusely.
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