Wet & Wild With Blake Mitchell

Helix Studios
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Description: Since Blake Mitchell is one of our most popular tops, we get to see a lot of him. However, you've never seen him like this! He's solo, intimate and super revealing in more ways than one. Max Carter is like a porn star psychiatrist and always gets the boys to divulge delicious details we normally wouldn't hear. We find out what Helix porn stars Blake hangs out with, that he's from Seattle and see that he's DEFINITELY been working out! WOW! All the exercise has definitely paid off but the boy is sweaty and needs to take a shower. Lucky for us he's wearing super sexy tighty whities! Ever the tease, he keeps them on in the shower, playing with his enormous package as it grows and the wet undies give us a good view. The kid's cock is epic and nearly wraps around his side! Max makes sure to touch, test driving the babe's new muscles with his strong hands and giving us a great view of the tops rarely explored beautiful butt. When his cock is finally released from the confines of the white wet dick huggers it flops out and bounces, happy to be free and begging to be played with. The star and our gorgeous director grant that wish with willing hands. Mitchell's dick is an absolute monster masterpiece; big, thick and uncut. He takes his time licking his lips, soaping up his amazing new muscles and paying special attention to that cock for the camera. We're guessing it must've been leg day because #1, Blake's legs look spectacular, and #2 he sits on the floor massaging them as the shower keeps raining down on his perfect body. This big boy has got enough dick to share with a friend so of course he and Max tag team the titanic torpedo. Blake's legs start to tighten, his red lips open, then his breathing gets heavy. He's close. His cock releases all that extra work out testosterone, covering his body as it spasms in ecstasy giving that shower head a run for it's money. Max reaches over and milks out the last drop which shoots another orgasmic twitch through the superstar top. Max ends the video asking Blake if he "feels better," he does.... and so will you. We did;)
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Models: Blake Mitchell
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