Bottoms Up

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Description: Sun beams beautifully through open blinds, bouncing off baby blue walls, then flooding the flawless young flesh of dream twinks Nathan James and Jimmy Andrews as they strip down in a luscious lip lock that’s definitely leading to a five star fuck fest! Nathan kisses his way to Jimmy’s enormous appendage, then he peels his well packed underwear down, and lets that cock unfurl right into his waiting mouth. Andrews enjoys the dark haired dude’s deep throat talents, before pushing the pretty boy into the best. Andrews smolders, stripping the rest of his clothes off while staring at Nathan with searing eyes. He pounced on the pretty boy, teases his nips with his tongue, then makes his way to the bulging outline in the guy’s tight jeans. He unzips the pulsing package, and takes a thick dicked slap to the chin, before grabbing the girthy groin , and thrusting the thick slab down his throat. After working the sizable schlong, and sucking on the young stud’s sack, Andrews flips the tan twink over, and eats that ass like an animal. James arches his back to showcase his perky, prized posterior, as Andrews takes aim. He goes slow at first, gliding his giant jock deep and steady, before letting off the breaks and smashing that ass full force! James takes it like a cock hungry whore on all fours, before riding the big rig with raunchy, romantic hip rocks. When Nathan slips off his big beast, Andrews can tell he’s in for it. He lifts his legs in the air, and offers his incredible ass to James’ juicy, thick dick! Nathan nails the blond boy’s bum like a boss, slamming seat till Jimmy pours white hot pleasure from his pornstar sized piece! James pulls out an adds to the party, plastering Andrews’ shredded six pack with spunk! He eases down to kiss Jimmy’s soft lips, and his spent, fat phallus flops into the dude, still sticky with sloppy seed.
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