Vitali Kutcher

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Description: It's an activity millions of guys around the world enjoy every day, but Vitali Kutcher has it down to an art form. Forget the quick five-minute wank in the shower, this young man knows how to really appreciate his rigid uncut cock in a long session of solo BoyFun. You'll be joining in with him from the start of his sexy solo play time, watching him exploring his smooth body, slowly revealing more as his erection grows and bulges in his pants. The swollen red head of his cock is glistening with dampness when he eases his shaft out of his shorts, soon in his stroking fist as he slides his hand up and down its gorgeous length. The handsome boy is soon lost in bliss as his eyes close and he thinks of something horny, his balls bouncing slowly with each pump of his hard young length. Raising his legs he reveals his tempting hole, a sight many a man has seen up close, a winking little pucker just begging for a big delivery of manhood to slide inside. Laying on the floor and lost in a fantasy world Vitali feels his climax approaching, his balls tightening up and pulling closer to his body, his erection stiffening even more as his foreskin slips over the rounded tip over and over again. Finally it's too much, the wave crests and semen begins spewing from his cock in an incredible fountain, splashing down over his naked body and the floor around him, the intense orgasm washing through every cell of his body. Now it's time to have a shower, but we wonder if there's another load in that cock needing to be splashed.
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